We invite you to International Conference

"Treatment of the child with autism - newest medical trends"

The conference will take place in Warsaw, Poland on 23-24th March 2013

Our speakers will cover the following medical issues:

Treatment of chronical infections and neuroinfections

Role of immunological system in autism

Treatment with GcMaf

Stem cells for autism spectrum disorders

Allergy, food intolerance, desensitization

  • Food additives
  • Diet - facts and myths
  • Allergy and food intolerance
  • Speech therapy - unique methods
  • Parents stories
  • How to raise funds for the treatment

Also, we will present some of new therapeutic and educational approach.

Our speakers are professionals with many years experience in treatment, diagnosing and therapy of autism and parents of autistic children who managed to help them.


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Our Speakers

  • Dr. Nicola Antonucci-  Italy
  • Professor Krzysztof Buczyłko,Poland
  • Dario Siniscalco PhD
  • Dr.Magdalena Cubała- Kucharska, Poland
  • Dr. Raymond Pahlplatz, Netherlands
  • Justyna Leszka,PhD, Polska
  • Professor Kenny De Meirler, Belgia
  • Dr Corinne Skorupka, France
  • Anna Skrzecz, Poland
  • Anna Rozetti-Szymańska PhD, Poland
  • Agnieszka Sulich, Poland
  • i wielu innych

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Mobile +48 501756971

Conference will take place in:

Institute of National Health

ul. Chocimska 24,
00-791 Warszawa

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